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i was gonna say “finally watching the lizzy borden tv movie with christina ricci, can’t wait to see how inaccurate it is” but i made it 5 minutes in and i have to turn it off because w o w n o 

My new goal is to own a pair of Vans Authentics in every solid color.

okay i started watching this documentary called serial killer culture because hey look a documentary about me and they’re talking to the guy who dealed john wayne gacy’s art and on his wall of other serial killer and horror movie art he has the mugshots of Jessie Misskelly Jr, Damien Echols and Jason Baldwin and now i’m fucking pissed off like i get it at the time they definitely were assumed to be guilty so maybe he put the photos up then but this documentary was released this year so maybe you should TAKE THEM THE FUCK DOWN???????????? if you really were involved in this culture you would know their story and take that shit off the fucking collection wall thanks